Ingreso a Chile
Travel of Minors

When a minor travels alone, he/she needs the authorization of both parents; when he/she travels with one parent, he/she needs the consent of the other one. When only one of the parents or a legal guardian has the child's guardianship, the documents confirming the validity of the guardianship must be presented at the time of request.

Procedure: When somebody wants to leave Chile with a child, He/She will be requested to show the minor's birth certificate stating who the parents are.            

Option 1: The authorization can be done at the Chilean Consulate in Vienna. In this case, both parents or the person having the legal guardianship -presenting the document proof of guardianship- of the minor traveling alone must appear. Either the parents or the legal guardian must sign before the Consul. Afterwards, the document must be legalized by the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For this request, a travel authorization form in spanish (see example attached) must be send tothe e-mail-address viena@consulado.gob.cl. Photocopies of the valid passport or ofthe identity card of the person, who authorizes the travel (father, mother orlegal guardian), as well as of the identity document of the minor must also besent.  Upon receipt of the e-mailmessage (which must include full name, passport, ID Card and phone numbers), anappointment for the signature and subsequent delivery will be made. All thepeople involved must appear personally and bring their valid identificationdocuments. The payment must be made inadvance through a bank transfer, and copy of the payment slip must be alsosent. The money must be credited to the bank account of the Consulate beforethe appointment. WARNING: Oncethe consular procedure is done, norefunds will be given.

Option 2: The authorization can be issued by a local notary (the document must be written in Spanish or duly translated), must be legalized by the Austrian Federal Ministry of European and International Affairs or by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic or of Slovenia (according to the case), then legalized by the Chilean Consulate in Vienna, and finally by the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The travel authorization duly signed by the Consul must then be legalized by the Legalization Department of the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This may be done by any person, with the only condition of presenting the necessary documents.

Fees: Please see the Fees List.